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Graasi is a Wellness Water Made with Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder and Fortified with Vitamin C, D and Zinc.
It's pronounced ... GRAH • SEE!

What is barley grass water?

Tender, green barley grass is harvested at its peak of chlorophyll, protein and vitamin content to create organic barley grass juice powder. It’s added to water and flavored with organic ingredients. Graasi is certified organic and fortified with a full daily serving of vitamin C, D and zinc. It's chocked full of nutrients and amino acids to promote wellness, hydration and immunity.

What are the benefits of barley grass water?

Wellness. Hydration. Immunity. Graasi is about self-care – the simple act of taking care of yourself. It's lightly flavored water with barley grass juice powder and certified organic to keep you hydrated, fortified with 100% of your daily serving of vitamin C, D and zinc to boost your immunity. It's full of nutrient and amino acids. It's been tied to lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, stronger gut health, preventing UTIs.

What does Graasi mean?

Pronounced GRAH • SEE, it's a vibe or self-affirmation. It's related to the word "grass", but also "gracias", "gratzi" and any phoenetical derevitive that means "thank you." When you drink Graasi Organic Barley Water, you are saying "thank you" to your mind and body.

What makes Graasi different?

We add a touch of organic cane sugar (less than 1% of the recommended daily value) and organic monk fruit to provide a hint of sweetness. Finally, it's fortified with vitamin C, D and zinc to boost immunity.

What does Graasi taste like?

Graasi is a wellness water. It's light and refreshing. We add organic flavor combinations, including Citrus Mint, Cucumber Lime and Lemongrass Ginger. By no means does it taste "beer-like".

How often should I drink Graasi barley grass water?

Well ... how amazing would you like to feel? Studies suggest the majority of the population is dehydrated. We drink it daily for its hydration and immunity benefits, and frankly, because it tastes really, really good!

What does Certified Organic mean?

We are Certified Organic because more than 95% of the non-water ingredients are fully certified organic. Plus, Graasi's bottling production and bottling facility is approved to create organic products.

Is Graasi gluten free?


What’s up with the labels?

It's all about how you feel when you drink Graasi! Graasi is about being healthy and happy! It's about rewarding yourself and enjoying the lighter things in life. If you love the labels, you'll enjoy our social channels, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for barley water education, and some laughs :)

Do I need to refrigerate Graasi?

No ... and yes. Graasi is shelf stable at room temperature. After you’ve opened your bottle of Graasi, you’ll want to refrigerate it to preserve its flavors.

What’s at the bottom of the bottle?

That’s real ingredients – pure organic barley grass juice powder. Give it a quick shake and enjoy!

What are "organic flavors"?

Natural flavors are simply concentrated mixtures of the same compounds that naturally occur in fruits and vegetables. For example, lemon flavors are made from the peel oil of lemons and cucumber flavor comes directly from the cucumber itself. All the flavors used in Graasi are organic certified and DO NOT contain propylene glycol. 

Does Graasi contain any allergens?

Graasi is free of all common allergens.

Is there alcohol in Graasi?

No! We’ve crafted a self-care, wellness beverage that delivers hydration and immunity. It's actually a great way to stay hydrated when drinking alcohol.

Where can I buy Graasi?

We sell Graasi on our website (for now). Just click shop, or better yet, subscribe and make sure you have a bottle every day.

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Graasi is a wellness water made with organic barley grass juice powder and fortified with vitamin C, D and zinc. Add it to your daily health regiment for wellness, hydration and immunity.

Available in 3-, 6- and 12-bottles. Citrus Mint, Cucumber Lime, Lemongrass Ginger and Variety Packs — ready to ship!

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