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February 16, 2022

Keith Seiz
773 213 2564

Graasi Organic Barley Water Brings Joy to the Wellness Beverage Category

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The world’s original functional beverage is back, full of immunity boosting vitamins and minerals, and available nationwide.

Graasi Organic Barley Water is made with organic ingredients, including organic barley grass juice powder, which comes from the tender young grass grown from barley seed. Barley grass is harvested at the peak of its chlorophyll, protein and vitamin concentration, before the grass produces any grain

"When developing a new line of functional waters, we focused on unique ingredients that would promote overall wellness and self-care," Chris LaCorata, Graasi's founder, says. "Barley water has been consumed by cultures around the world for thousands of years as a general wellness drink. We're bringing it back and making it better with organic ingredients and immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals."

Graasi Organic Barley Water is available in 16-ounce bottles online at The unique Graasi brand and packaging was designed to make the hydration and wellness beverage category more fun and enjoyable.

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"Hydration and general wellness are important topics, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun. We developed Graasi to taste great, but also to make people smile every time they open a bottle," LaCorata says.

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