Graasi Organic Barley Water Announces Partnership with Blue Mountain Distributors

Asheville, NC – June 4, 2024 – Graasi Organic Barley Water is excited to announce a new distribution partnership with Blue Mountain Distributors, a renowned family-owned business dedicated to supporting local communities and delivering high-quality food and beverage products throughout the Southeast.

Blue Mountain Distributors, founded by Jeff Kocha in 2000, has a rich history rooted in a passion for great food and community support. Jeff, a former firefighter and contractor in Connecticut, forged a relationship with the Sclafani family, who import a wide range of premium Italian products. Upon moving to the mountains of North Carolina, Jeff identified a demand for these exceptional Italian goods in the southern region. This discovery led to the creation of Blue Mountain Distributors, where Jeff transitioned from construction to full-time food distribution. 

The business thrived as Jeff and his wife Gina expanded their offerings to include many local brands. Gina, with over 30 years of experience in distribution, joined forces with Jeff, and together, they built a dynamic team of approximately 30 employees. Blue Mountain Distributors now operates two warehouses in Raleigh and Fletcher, NC, housing over 3,500 products. The company remains committed to helping small local businesses gain access to retail markets, ensuring that more consumer pantries are stocked with quality local brands. 

The partnership between Graasi Organic Barley Water and Blue Mountain Distributors marks an exciting chapter for both companies. Graasi's mission to provide consumers with healthy, organic barley water aligns perfectly with Blue Mountain’s dedication to bringing high-quality, local products to market. 

“We are thrilled to join forces with Blue Mountain Distributors,” said Chris LaCorata, Founder at Graasi Organic Barley Water. “Their commitment to supporting local businesses and their extensive distribution network make them the ideal partner to help us reach more consumers seeking healthy, organic beverage options.”

This collaboration was made possible with the instrumental support of Main Street, whose efforts in connecting local businesses have been invaluable.

Join Jeff, Gina, and the entire Blue Mountain team in their ongoing adventure to keep our communities thriving by supporting local businesses and enjoying their exceptional products.

Graasi utilizes the Brand Management and Sales services of Ramsey, NJ based Cascadia Managing Brands.

Graasi Organic Barley Water provides a healthy, refreshing beverage made from organic barley. Their mission is to promote wellness and sustainability through our natural products.

Founded in 2000, Blue Mountain Distributors is a family-owned business based in Asheville, NC. Focusing on supporting local brands and delivering high-quality products, Blue Mountain serves the Southeast with a diverse range of food and beverage offerings.

For more information about Graasi Organic Barley Water and Blue Mountain Distributors, please contact:

Cascadia Managing Brands

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