Graasi Organic Barley Water Broadens Distribution Across the East Coast and Midwest

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Graasi Organic Barley Water Broadens Distribution Across the East Coast and Midwest


South Carolina, August 17, 2023 – Graasi, the premium producer of Organic Barley Water, is thrilled to announce a pivotal expansion in its distribution network. Joining hands with East Coast Distribution in Rhode Island, Juice Factory Distributing in Upstate New York, Carey Distributors in Maryland, and now reaching the Midwest with RL Lipton in Ohio, and partnering with Kehe, Graasi is set to quench the thirst of an even larger audience.


Graasi has been a champion of pure, organic barley water since its inception. Relying on age-old traditions and modern sustainable techniques, the brand has consistently delivered a product that resonates with consumers seeking authentic and healthful beverage options. This expansion underscores the rising demand for such beverages in the American market.


"We are elated to collaborate with such esteemed distribution partners. Their reach and expertise will ensure that more consumers can access and enjoy our barley water's unique taste and health benefits," said Chris LaCorata, Founder and CEO. "Our growth reflects the trust and loyalty our customers have in Graasi, and we're committed to continuing our legacy of quality."


Supporting this distribution growth, Cascadia Managing Brands, a renowned leader in food and beverage brand management, has been instrumental. Their extensive experience in the sector has amplified Graasi's sales and marketing efforts, propelling the brand to new heights. "Working with Graasi has been an enriching experience. Their dedication to an organic, pure product aligns with our values, and we see immense potential for the brand in the U.S. market," said Robert Sipper, President of Cascadia Managing Brands.


For those unfamiliar with the brand, a wealth of information, including the story behind Graasi and its commitment to sustainable organic farming, is available on the official website at


Retailers interested in stocking Graasi Organic Barley Water or those seeking more details about the distribution expansion can visit for insights and contacts.


About Graasi: Graasi is a premium beverage company specializing in organic barley water. Using time-honored traditions combined with sustainable practices, Graasi offers a pure, refreshing drink that is both delicious and beneficial for health.


About Cascadia Managing Brands: With years of industry experience, Cascadia Managing Brands is a leading name in food and beverage brand management. Their comprehensive approach, from strategic planning to sales and distribution, ensures that brands achieve and often surpass their market potential.



Bill Sipper
Cascadia Managing Brands


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